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One breath, one movement.  Heated class (85 degrees).  We follow tradition – opening and closing prayer, Sanskrit asana names and counting.  Silent practice (no music). Challenging but attainable for all levels.


A high energy and dynamic class combining the proper biomechanics of movement with the toning aspects of ballet. Great for strengthening your core, shaping your seat and improving your endurance. Combines aspects of Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training. No dance experience required.

Cardio Drumming

High intensity fitness class to the beat of your own “drum.”

Community class

Donation based class open to all levels and everyone in the community. Suggested donation is $10. Give what you can. All donations will go towards community events sponsored by the studio (see website for an ongoing list).

Fundamentals Hatha

Light stretching and an introduction to yoga movements perfect for those new to yoga or experienced yogis looking for a gentle practice.


Best class for beginners new to yoga, unless you are currently very physically active. Room temperature and subtle music.

Hot Vinyasa

Ashtanga based Vinyasa flow with lots of opportunity to flow on your own. The room is hot 85-90 degrees! The music is current and often loud. This is a physically challenging class more geared toward those looking for a workout and increasing heart rate.

Hot Power Flow

Vinyasa flow with alignment focus and minimal flowing on your own. The room is hot 85-90 degrees, and music is played throughout the class. This is a physically challenging class more geared toward those looking for an intense yoga practice.

Mama Baby Yoga

Mamas cleared by their doctor for post partum exercise.  Baby should be non-mobile (no crawlers!).  Meet other mamas and enjoy the one on one time with your little one while older siblings are supervised in our childcare room.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a floor Pilates class on your mat that emphasizes alignment, breathing, developing a strong core and improving balance.

Prenatal Yoga

Just the right balance of gentle and strong for the mama to be.

Restorative yoga

A gentle class with the aid of props – blocks, bolsters, blankets.

Slow Flow

Vinyasa flow class without the heat, and without flowing on your own. Perfect for those who don’t like hot yoga or want an introduction to a more challenging Vinyasa practice.


Yin is a gentle class with long holding restorative poses to open up the connective tissues.