Drop-in class $17

New students 4 classes for $35 (use within 4 weeks)

Class packages- We recommend class packs if you don’t need childcare often or aren’t sure about your commitment:

6 classes ($88 – $14.67 per class)

12 classes ($165 – $13.75 per class)

24 classes ($275 – $11.46 per class)

50 classes ($499 for 50 classes – $9.98 per class 1 year expiration).

Yoga Contracts- Includes free childcare. We recommend an unlimited contract if you come at least 3x per week:

Unlimited yoga 1 year contract – prepay only – $975 for one year.

Unlimited yoga 3 month contract- $89/month

Unlimited yoga 1 month contract – $99/month

Special Offers:

$99 for two months unlimited yoga.
(NO DISCOUNTS APPLY. Everyone can use this offer once, and it can be used at anytime – i.e. not just when you are a brand new student).

Members of clergy, enlisted military personnel and US veterans are FREE all the time

Yoga teachers NOT living in Michigan are FREE all the time. We welcome you to our space and look forward to one day visiting your space.

Yoga teachers living in Michigan pay HALF PRICE on all packages or unlimited yoga. We salute your passion for yoga and we understand the challenges of getting your own personal practice in, in space where you might not be teaching. We welcome you!

School teachers, students under 21, athletic coaches, police, fire, military and EMS receive a 10% discount on all class packages. All the time. Thank you for your service.

Our own teachers and staff get FREE yoga at our studio, all the time, from the day they start working for us. We love and appreciate you. Do you love yoga and want to be a part of our amazing team? Ask us about opportunities for teaching, community service ambassadors or desk staff.