Be Curious. Be Fearless. Rachelle discovered yoga in year 2000, while training in martial arts. She fell in love with the powerful, flowing movements of vinyasa and began a daily practice.  It wasn’t long before she was asked (more like coerced) to teach yoga to her fellow classmates. Although no formal training at the time, teaching yoga to others felt very natural and intuitive. In 2003, Rachelle completed her 200 hour certification. At age 30, she finally felt ALIVE.  Yoga and martial arts unlocked confidence and courage to pursue her other passions. She was certified as a personal trainer, spin instructor and group fitness coach.  She competed in many races, entered fitness challenges and a ran handful of ultra marathons.  Now, as a self proclaimed personal development junkie, her purpose is to  empower others in taking control of their health, fitness and emotional well being so they too can find a deeper sense of connection and purpose in this crazy, beautiful life. For the last 5 years she has studied extensively many natural healing modalities including essential oils, nutrition, mediation, EFT,  mindset and belief. She encourages others to open up to new possibilities in holistic healing and mind-body disciplines: from natural medicine, standing on your hands, running your first race or simply choosing to love yourself deeply and completely.  She continues to be a student of yoga and  meditation while finishing up her studies as a Natural Health Coach and a Clinical Aromatherapist. Rachelle's other passions include golf, movie dates with the family, poker, music, silence, coffee, kickboxing, trail running, hiking and biking.