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JUST BE. It was 2015, and night five in the jungle when the words came pouring through. “Just be.  If you are happy, be happy, if you are sad be sad, if you are angry be angry and if you are filled with joy, be filled with joy. Wherever you are, Just be.”  And it was in that same jungle experience that yoga found Sarah. A week later she started practicing at a local studio, and one year later she received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Good Karma Yoga Studio. With a background in cheerleading and dance, she has a deep respect for the healing power of movement. From Sarah’s viewpoint as a teacher, it’s not about the asana, it’s about what is happening inside of the asana, and that is where her passion lies – in doing the inner work. She is a certified Reiki Master, and combines that work with intuitive healing. She loves traveling and nature, and honors the symbiotic relationship of the human being and Mother Earth. The earth has all the power to heal us, but if we want to heal the earth, we must first heal ourselves.