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BE BRAVE. Yoga has taken my life in directions that have required courage; from leaving a secure career to follow my passions and to traveling the world. It began in 2008 when I took yoga teacher training while balancing young kids and working as a police officer in a local community. As I teach I encourage you to discover your courage, we don’t create courage, it is within us all, we just uncover it, stretch our courage muscles and watch ourselves grow! For some of us that means attempting an inversion or the courage to be creative in our Vinyasa flow, for others it means becoming okay in our stillness, how we feel when we hit the pause button that takes courage. This is my passion because I feel it is when we become brave in our choices that the world opens to us. To keep my bravery muscles active I’m an avid rock and ice climber. I love to travel to far off places and let the wind blow me around foreign countries, finding whatever awaits me when I get there. I have two boys that are 12 and 19, I encourage them to enjoy their journey, take chances and be themselves. “When I do something I never thought I could, it makes me wonder what else I can do.”